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Pica Lulu

Lulu is one of the first pizzerias in Latvia, made by popular chef in Latvia Elmars Tannis. He was TV host in Picca TV – entertaining morning programm in commercial TV. Tannis is still popular TV show host in cooking shows.

About Lulu… it was the most popular pizzeria some time ago, the best pizza in town. Now there are many competitors, but Lulu is still popular. Their pizzas are big, available in slices (~2,5 Eur). Many fillings – chicken, salmon, ham etc. Their pizzas are popular for take-away – whole big pizza or slice in handy carton. They deliver pizza too.

There are few soups, salads in offer. Soft and hot drinks.

Pizza is being prepared in electric oven.

But it seams more like real pizza comparing with Cili pica. You can see how it is prepared.

No Italians working – just Latvian youngsters. And mostly visited by Latvian youngsters too. Sometimes quite loud.

There are no sofas etc., just chairs with tables.

Pizzas are oily, fat, so you won’t eat more than 2, ok, maybe 3 slices.

Or you can try new calzone. I like it. It’s filled only with cheese, ham and ketchup and tastes like baked at home – bread with cheese and ham.

There are sometimes sets and special offers, so you can eat for very low price too.

You can find Lulu –

Some of them are open 24h. And for example Blaumana str and Gertrudes street has summer terrace (or – just tables on street walk).

Pay in cash or with card.

Pica Lulu popular pizzeria in Riga

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